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Marina was born and raised in Moldova, a small eastern European country, and came to America at the age of 11. In her early twenties, she had a life-altering encounter with the spiritual realm. After dramatically changing her direction in life, she became an avid spiritual seeker, who found solace in writing both fiction and non-fiction, while supporting herself as a substitute teacher. Much of her non-fiction work can be found under Blog, where she focuses on her spiritual journey, as well as the craft of writing. She is currently seeking representation for her debut novel.


Later, as her understanding of life expanded so did her creative pursuits into music. Her musical education and aspirations came from her grandmother. Marina is now collaborating with singer-songwriter Paul McCarty of Wicked Saints. The two of them go by the name Non Duo. The name comes from the term non-dual—which means not two, but one—and points to the existence of absolute reality that transcends everyday reality. Their debut album is available here.


Though her creative endeavors are influenced by her eastern European roots and American upbringing, she attributes her creativity to the Source of all creativity, and lives the philosophy of the beloved teacher Eckhart Tolle: “I am awareness, disguised as a person.” In a two-part teaching, she calls REALITY DREAMING, she shares with anyone looking for inner-peace and empowerment a variety of meditative practices and inquiries that serve to awaken one from years or even decades of conditioning to one's true nature and freedom.




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