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eep in the swamps of Moldova, Marina first put pen to paper at nine-years old. It was a poem about trees, which danced in shadows outside her window. Before she knew what creating images with words meant, she already yearned to express something out of nothing. From childhood poems to preteen diaries to young adult journals to musings on life and existence, and currently to rich imaginings in the world of novels, she continues to write.


Marina has completed her debut novel, a spiritual literary romance that blends Eastern philosophy and Western culture in an evocative narrative of one individual’s search for self-realization and the meaning of true love. Pitched as a cross between Siddhartha and About a Boy, WORLDSHIP tells the story of Miles, a neurotic millionaire and eternal drifter, who thought that buying residency on the World, the largest privately owned international yacht, would help him find freedom from the emptiness that threatens to destroy his very being. The luxurious lifestyle distracts him until he discovers a mysterious and elusive woman who reminds him of the peace he lost as a child. But she won’t even tell him her name. So Miles employs the help of the three women who do want him in order to get closer to the woman who doesn’t. He soon learns that the mystery woman, Constance, is not only a recluse, but she’s fully committed to her deceased husband. With a push from the quirky and possibly insane captain of the ship, Miles starts his obsessive chase that will either save or annihilate him.


WORLDSHIP was edited by Fiona Hallowell, an experienced trade book editor who has worked with a diverse range of publishers, including HarperCollins Publishers, Guideposts Books, MacMillan, Reader’s Digest Trade Publishing, and more. Fiona called the book “Lovely, quiet, and lyrical . . . a compelling, thought-provoking novel that readers will enjoy.”


In her previous experience, Marina has published poems, musings, and insights on her blogs UncreatingMe and BreathingThroughIt. In her early twenties, she wrote for IndieSlate magazine, an independent filmmaking magazine. She's currently a member of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society.


You can follow her on Twitter @creatingmarina or see what she’s up to on Facebook.

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